22nd Annual Meeting of the Semiotic Society of America

Louisville, Kentucky
Oct. 23-26, 1997

Understanding the creative process, through which "a symbolic domain in...culture is changed"*, is one of today's greatest intellectual challenges and the central theme of the 1997 meeting of the Semiotic Society of America. The meeting will feature an exciting mix of scholarly papers, performance sessions, events at various Louisville sites, public workshops and distinguished keynote speakers. Papers, performances, and organized sessions are solicited which deal with the semiotic aspects of creativity in any cultural domain -- science, the arts, humanistic inquiry, commerce, politics, the media, technology. Papers on other topics of relevance to semiotics are also welcome. (* M. Csikszentmihalyi, Creativity, Harper Collins, 1996)

You need not be a member of the SSA to submit a proposal, but please note that appearance on the meeting program does require membership in the SSA. More information about SSA membership is provided below.

*How to Submit a Proposal for an Individual Paper/Performance*

  1. Send a short abstract (75 words) describing your presentation. Include your name and affiliation (and those of any co-presenters) on this abstract.
  2. Submit a long abstract (not to exceed 1 single-spaced page) of your presentation. Do NOT include your name or affiliation on this abstract, since this version will be used by the Program Committee to do a blind review of your proposal.
  3. Send 3-5 keywords which indicate the major subject(s) your presentation deals with. (If your proposal is accepted, this abstract will be published in the meeting program, and the keywords will be used to help assign your presentation to an appropriate session and to provide a program index to session topics.)
  5. Send your name, mailing address, telephone no., and email address, including where you can be reached during the summer.

*How to Submit a Proposal for an Organized Session*

  1. Send a short abstract (75 words) describing your session as a whole, plus a short abstract for each of the presentations which will be made in your session. These abstracts should include the name and affiliation of organizers and presenters.
  2. Send one long abstract of your session (not to exceed 1 single-spaced page for each session), which should include descriptions of each of the individual presentations which will be included. Do NOT send a long abstract of every presentation. Do NOT include any names or affiliations on your long abstract.
  3. -5) See above.

*How and Where to Submit a Proposal*

You are strongly encouraged to submit your proposal by email. Please copy your abstracts and other text and paste them into an email message to:

If you prefer to submit your proposal by regular mail, please send a diskette with the electronic version of your abstracts and other information to: Jean Umiker-Sebeok, Chair, SSA Program Committee, SLIS, Indiana University, Main Library 005A, Bloomington, IN 47405 USA. Both Mac and PC formats are acceptable.

If you submit your proposal in printed form only, please send 1 copy of the short abstract, and 7 copies of the long abstract.

*When to Submit Your Proposal*

The deadline for submission of proposals is May 1, 1997.

*SSA Membership Information*

Membership in the SSA is open to all interested parties. Membership includes a subscription to the SSA newsletter, "Semiotic Scene" and its journal, "The American Journal of Semiotics". To join, send the following information, along with your dues payment, to:

Terry Prewitt, Executive Director
Semiotic Society of America
UWF Box 32086
11000 University Parkway
Pensacola FL 32514

Last name:

First name:


Institutional Affiliation:

Mailing Address:

Office telephone:

Fax no.:

Email address:

Web URL:

Type of membership (see below):


REGULAR: $35 (Individual) and $45 (Joint)
STUDENT: $25 (Individual) and $35 (Joint)

*For Further Information*

For further information about the program of the annual meeting, please contact Jean Umiker-Sebeok, at the addresses or numbers given below.

For information about membership in the SSA or hotel accommodations in Louisville, please contact Terry Prewitt, at the address given above or at 904-474-2186.

*Please Help Spread the Word*

Please distribute this announcement to your favorite Internet sources. Thanks for your help!!

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