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Film/TV Production Resources

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Production Companies

Buena Vista Movieplex
Walt Disney productions.
MCA/Universal Cyberwalk
Includes Universal Channel, Universal Pictures, and MCA Home Entertainment.
MGM/UA - The Lion's Den
Paramount Pictures Online Studio
Films, television, and news.
Over 200 videodiscs, including the Criterion Collection of classic and contemporary films.
Wittenberg Center for Alternative Resources, Bearsville, NY, USA
Videotapes on environmental, human rights and social justice issues.

Broadcast TV Networks (U.S.)


Cable TV Networks

A&E - Arts and Entertainment Network
All News Channel
American Movie Classics (AMC)
Black Entertainment Television Networks
An arts and entertainment network.
BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)
CNN (Cable News Network)
Comedy Central
Deutsche Welle Radio & TV International
Germany's international broadcasting service. Multilingual Web site: German, English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.
Finnish TV Channels
Independent Film Channel
Learning Channel
Lifetime Television
Movie Channel
MuchMusic Canada
Canada's first 24-hour, all video music channel. See also MuchMusic USA.
See also Nick at Nite's TV Land, Nickelodeon Australia and Nickelodeon UK
Sci-Fi Channel: The Dominion
For science fiction, fantasy, horror and science fact.
Affiliated with Robert Redford's Sundance Festival.
TBS - Turner Broadcasting System's "superstation"
TNT - Turner Network Television
Turner Classic Movies
The University of Alabama Center for Public Television
USA Network
See also VH-1derland - the German Music TV channel VH-1.
Weather Channel

Festivals and Competitions

Big Muddy Film Festival
Provides independent film and video makers with an opportunity to present works that challenge the traditional boundaries of the visual media. Hosted by Film Alternatives and Southern Illinois University.
Chicago International Film Festival
The CIFF also maintains its own Film Festival Directory of several dozen Web pages devoted to film festivals.
Delta-9 / Eden Matrix Independent Film Web Site
Designed to be a resource for independent movie makers in Austin, Texas and around the world. Includes listings of dozens of film/video festivals, with e-mail links for more information.
[NEXTFRAME] Festival List
A listing of student-friendly festivals--originally compiled by the University Film and Video Association.

Screenwriting and Scripts

Drew's Scripts-O-Rama
An index of movie and television scripts available on the Internet.
The Internet Screenwriter's Network
Charles Deemer's Screenwriters Resource
Nuts & bolts info, from dramatic structure to format to marketing; film databases; movie reviews; eclectic stuff from Godzilla to Hitchcock; tips from the pros on the craft and business of screenwriting
Monty Python Sketch Scripts
The Television Transcript Project
They're not scripts, exactly, but these transcriptions of TV shows are still useful to researchers and fans. Transcribed shows include Cybill, EastEnders, The Larry Sanders Show, Northern Exposure, Seinfeld, Xena: Warrior Princess.

Trade Magazines

Entertainment Weekly
Stictly speaking, EW is not a trade mag, but it does include news about the film and television industries--including weekly box office figures and TV ratings.
The Hollywood Reporter
Significant portions of this Web site (e.g., box office grosses) are only available for a fee.
Venerable chronicle of the entertainment industries. Includes film/TV reviews, current box office grosses (i.e., films' earnings in the U.S.) and an amusing dictionary of Variety slang.

Professional Organizations

American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA)
Union for U.S. TV actors.
American Film Marketing Association
Trade association of 130 independent motion picture and television production and distribution companies.
Directors' Guild of America (DGA)
Union for U.S. film/TV directors. Assistant Directors Training Program, DGA Magazine interviews, how to contact the DGA, more.
International Television Association (ITVA)
An association for video, multimedia and film professionals.
Screen Actors Guild (SAG)
Union for U.S. film actors.
Writers Guild of America (WGA)
Union for screenwriters (film and TV).

TV Regulation

Advertising Law Internet Site
Federal Communications Commission
National Association of Broadcasters
Television Censorship Archive
U.S. Copyright Act of 1976

Lists, Databases, Archives, Etc.

"I Saw It On TV": A Guide to Broadcast and Cable Programming Sources
Compiled by Corinne Smith. Information on where to find materials seen on television.
Collection of information on U.S. TV networks/stations


Laserdisc Archives
Laserdisc Information
Articles by Robert J. Niland.
Multimedia Abstracts
Articles on multimedia in education.
The hypermedia version of David Blair's feature-length independent film, WAX, or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees. It combines one of the largest hypermedia narrative databases on the Internet with an authoring interface which allows users to collaboratively add to the story.

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