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An Index of Material Wholly--
And We Do Mean Wholly--
Unrelated to the Study of Film and Television

We just index 'em, we don't endorse 'em.

Ant Farms

Bugs, and Death

Bugs, and Air Power

  • Flypower
    • Use house flies to create your own fleet of miniature planes.

Bugs, and Nouvelle Cuisine


  • See Fahrenheit.

Debt, U.S.

  • U.S. National Debt Clock
    • As of 01/24/96 at 07:36:02 AM PST each U.S. citizen's share of the national debt was $18,887.14.



  • Paul's Refrigerator
    • Includes the temperature of a can of Diet Coke in there, too. In both Fahrenheit and Celsius!

Friends, Not The TV Show

Incendiary Devices


Paglia, Camille, Authentication Of


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