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Bulletin-board style discussion groups
on a variety of film/TV topics.

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screen.theory screen.festivals

How's it work?

ScreenBoard operates on the same basis as Usenet "newsgroups" and requires either

  1. a browser with a built-in "news reader" (e.g., Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer), or
  2. a separate news reader program (e.g, Free Agent or Forte).

To read the messages in a group, just click on the newsgroup's name above. This will automatically start your browser's news reader and display the messages in a discussion group.

Alternatively, you may run a news reader separately from your Web browser and attach directly to our news server at where each of these discussion groups may be found.

These groups are not distributed to all of Usenet. They are only accessible at and are a service of the Telecommunication and Film Department, The University of Alabama.

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